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What You Should Know About Hydration.

Written by: Dr. Mandy Zimmerman

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Did you know that simply just drinking water during a long, humid workout can be doing you more harm than good?  Since it’s becoming summer, I’d like to talk briefly about proper hydration tactics to help you perform better and function longer.


Throughout long, humid workouts, we sweat out electrolytes and minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium, to name a few.  Not only are these electrolytes vital for our survival, but they control a multitude of your bodily processes.  If you dilute your body with too much water, you can be causing your electrolytes to fail, and your body will need them replaced as soon as possible.  Electrolytes regulate our sodium potassium pump, which basically regulates the electrical system of muscles such as your heart.  Too many electrolytes will over stimulate muscles, too little will cause weakness.


Do you ever feel hydrated with just water after an hour long, humid workout?  I know I don’t!  My body will crave something salty or carbonated after a hot summer workout.   Here is an easy recipe from Amy Raimondi, NPT, owner of  Nutritional Therapy of Pittsburgh to make your own electrolyte hydration drink:

Ingredients:  Water, your citrus of choice, sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, local honey, and Biotics quicksorb aminos for an extra kick of recovery.


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