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April- Athlete of the Month

Brian (red) has been training at our facility for 9 months, and although he might not think so, we have seen great success in him. Physically Brian has made huge strides, and continues to do so. He gives some advice to other people looking to start, and that is, “just to show up!”everything else will take care of itself. Brian works hard and looks forward to improving in his abilities. We love having him around, here’s some of his interview!

What got you to start CF?

  • I wanted a trainer directed fitness program and had heard about Crossfit from some acquaintances.

What is your Favorite lift, WOD, movement?Least favorite?   

  • Favorite Lift – Backsquat
  • WOD – None, to me they are all hard and they all suck (but in a good way)
  • Movement- Chest to Bar Pullups

Least Favorite

  • Movement – Burpees – I am sure I am not alone

What is your favorite music to listen to during a workout?

  • Any workout music but RAP….I really dislike RAP.

My typical post workout meal and/or favorite cheat meal is …

  • Post workout – Driven Whey Protein and no this is not a paid advertisement, preferably Peanut Butter.

Favorite cheat meal is…

  •  is not a meal but alcohol…Captain and Coke.

What are your goals for 2017?

  • Joined primarily with a general goal to get in shape since I had done almost no exercise for several years.  After almost a year I feel like I have accomplished that so now I would like to get 100 Double Unders and do the 18 Open Workouts and not embarrass myself.

Advice for people thinking about starting CrossFit and/or starting at CFT?

  • Just show up!  2,3 or 4 times a week and the class will take care of the rest.  The people are great regardless of the fitness level.  The coaches are great at pushing, training, and encouraging you.  The workouts always vary so you never get bored and are always great.

I can’t go to the gym without my …

  • Under Armour (stock symbol UA for this who want to invest), BearComplex knee pads, Elite Surge jump rope, Harbinger weight belt, water bottle, sweat towel…ok I think that covers it.

Most memorable moment at CFT?

  • Mannequin movie shoot