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This is Christine, Shes Awesome….Be Like Christine

My name is Christine and I’ve been at CrossFit Tantrum for just over a year.  I came from a rowing and CrossFit background, but I had lost the intensity of my workouts and the consistency of my healthy eating habits since leaving college.  I had tried other boxes in the area, but everyone was ‘clicky’ and I didn’t like their programming.

The changes I’ve seen in in the gym since joining Tantrum have been incredible.  I went from not being able to do double unders, to getting my first one, to now being proficient in them. I went from barely being able to do a pull up to now stringing kipping pullups together. My back squat 1 rep max is now 220 pounds and I can proficiently squat clean 125 pounds in a WOD.   All of my advancements wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement I receive on a daily basis from the coaches and members. It really is a family there.  Someone is always there to cheer you on, no matter what kind of day you are having.

I also knew I wanted to make big strides before my wedding in September of 2016. So in January (the before picture), I started doing extra cardio outside the gym, getting salads when we went out to eat, drinking more water, taking the cookies down a notch and cutting out carbs after breakfast.  I wouldn’t have been able to make those changes without support from everyone at the box.  The coaches truly understand that everything starts in the kitchen, not the gym. The after pictures were taken the week before my wedding. I lost 20 pounds and gained a bunch of muscle.  Not only did I make big strides, but by my husband (former CrossFit hater) now comes with me on a regular basis as well.  He understands it’s as much a social thing as it is a work out.

Thanks to my CrossFit Tantrum family (and husband) for helping me make big changes and support my adventures!