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Your Health Matters, Quit Lying to Yourself!

Health Matters

It’s quite hard to set a goal and responsibly be the sole reason why you’ve accomplished that goal. Most Americans set goals about weight, and try to lose it on their own, making all of the changes they think they need to do to drop the weight all at once. The first change is usually food consumption. The average American home has 4 people that live in it! If you’re super good at math, that means there are three others in your home that are not changing their eating habits. Losing weight on your own has an extremely low success rate.

The only way you can lose weight? Burn off less than what you are taking in. It’s called a hypocaloric diet. If you burn 3500 calories, that’s 1 pound of fat gone. We obviously cannot do that in on day, but simply eliminating 250 calories per day, can keep the weight off long term. Easier said than done, right?

How can you lose this weight? Eliminating food is just going to make you irritable and wanting to give up. What else is there to do? Most people think, cardio!! Let’s go hit the treadmill for a half an hour or the stair climber for 45 minutes. Honestly, that’s the worst idea ever. Nothing exemplifies this increasing efficiency better than the way the body starts burning fuel. Training consistently at about or around 65% or more of your max heart rate, adapts your body to save as much body fat as possible. After regular training, fat cells stop releasing fat the way they once did during moderate-intensity activities (which we will talk about shortly). Energy from body fat stores also decreases by 20-30%. To this end, your body sets into motion a series of reactions that make it difficult for muscle to burn fat at all. Instead of burning body fat, your body takes extraordinary measures to retain it, because it is learning to adapt to your training.

Please note the difference. This is steady state cardio, not HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT training constantly varies and keeps your body guessing. Your body is unable to succumb to the needs of the distribution of oxygen and blood flow to your large muscle groups, it must continue to readjust, by increasing the heart rate, then recovering, and the process continues until you are finished with the workout. Fat is pulled from storage after the initial energy is burned in order for your body to utilize the calories (energy) faster in HIIT exercises than steady state cardio (if it’s pulled at all – steady state cardio may or may not release stored fat until at minimum 30 minutes into the workout).

So if steady state cardio only makes fat loss worse, what’s next? Resistance training and HIIT training in a group setting is one of the best examples. Lean muscle helps to burn more fat when you are sedentary, than fat tissue itself. Lean muscle is metabolically active, whereas fat tissue (adipose tissue) is metabolically dead-it is just sitting, as you are. Lean muscle will burn calories as you sit at your desk. You build lean muscle faster by doing compound exercises, such as Olympic weight lifting, which activates multiple muscles at a time. On the contrary, not the leg extension machine, where you are only working the quadriceps, singling out the knee joint which can create more pain in the knee. I digress. Notice above I said “Group Setting”. Being in a community where people know if you are showing up or not to do your work, will aide in your transformative process. You are not just letting yourself down, you are letting your gym buddies down, by not showing and helping to push them through the workouts, also! Let’s take Renee Sisco for example. She was just ranked in the 97th percentile for health by her PCP. She dropped 23 points on her cholesterol scale just by doing CrossFit. She gained 10 pounds of healthy lean muscle, but her clothes fit better. That’s key in understanding if you are a CrossFitter. You will gain weight. You are lifting and taking those metabolically dead fat cells and creating lean muscle tissue that is more active in burning calories. She has lost inches, but gained healthy weight. She enjoys CrossFit and the people so much, that she referred her husband, Damon, who also got significantly healthy points during his last PCP visit also. Congrats!

So where do we start from here? You understand what you need to do and why, but how are you going to tackle this? Stay tuned guys, we have something big at CrossFit Tantrum that we are releasing for this need alone. Thanks for reading!