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You’re A Runner, But You’re Not Cross Training?

So you like to run eh?

Running is an excellent tool for increased cardio endurance, mental clarity, stress relief & an occasional “runners high”. Running should be apart of your fitness arsenal, but not the holy grail. From a movement perspective running trains the legs in a single pattern. Last time we checked that little thing called life requires us to move in more than just a linear motion. Due to this linear pattern and the lower body being the main force of running, your leg muscles can quickly adapt to the demand being put on them. This adaption could lead to plateaus, causing you to have to run faster or longer (which might have adverse effects on the lower body, but we’re not going there).

Why cross training is your answer.

1.) Cross training has the benefit of applying different movement patters to strengthen the muscle groups that aren’t being strengthened in a distance run.
2.) Muscle is king. Too many runners lack the proper lean mass to sustain healthy joint function, or even the ability to recover quickly. A full body workout will aid in muscle growth. The benefits of muscle in running include, lower body fat which will lead to increased endurance and speed, allows runners to maintain proper mechanics eliminating some risk for injury, & the ability to break through plateaus.
3.) Mental capacity. Training across modal domains will allow your mental capacity to increase. IF you’re always pushing your body & mind to new limits outside of running you will have the capacity to push past limits you might not have thought possible during a long run.
4.) Moderation is key. You don’t need to run every day to be a better runner. Learn to train smart and you’ll be open to a world of #GAINS. You likely supplement your employers life insurance policy or diversify your investment portfolio, take the same approach to running or fitness in general.


-Coach Chris