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Why Your Posture Sucks.

We live in amazing times, technology is changing our lives. Its also changing our postural habits. Hours are spent each day with our necks and backs drooped over looking at our phones. We are creatures of habit, and so are our muscles. Our muscles start to get used to this postural defeat by compensating in different areas for the lack of support.

Sometimes its inescapable, the business man with an online presence, the office junkie whom works at a desk, hand on a mouse, eyes and neck pitched towards the screen. These habits created day after day, repetition after repetition are beginning to wreak havoc on your system, muscles, joints, and pain points. The only way to replace a bad habit is with a good one. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients whom are ignorant to their postural inefficiencies. Becoming aware is the first battle, telling your muscles the bad new then creating a good habit is when your pain starts to fade away.

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