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What is the CrossFit Open?

Your Facebook wall might be flooded with your crazy friends post dropping terms like “The Games”, “The Open”, and 16.1. What do these things mean?

The Games season is broken up into three stages. The first stage is the Open. This five-week, five-workout competition is held in the winter in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. Anyone who’s at least 14 years old can sign up, and join in the first stage of the CrossFit Games season.

Members from their local affiliate sign up to test their fitness. The open allows members the opportunity to benchmark their progress. This is the most important aspect of training (and goal setting in general). You may be watching some videos online and thinking to yourself, “There is no way”. Wrong. The open is for everyone all ages, all levels, and its fun! At CrossFit Tantrum our youngest is 14 our oldest is 57. 16.1 stand’s for the year or season and the 1st workout of the season.

Interested in checking it out? CrossFit Tantrum holds competition for athletes on Friday nights at 6:00pm and Sunday at 1:00pm. Anyone is welcome to spectate!