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Merry Kruger a CrossFit Tantrum OG

Merry was one of our first members at CFT. As a community we are happy to have her come through our doors every week. Her story is a testament to the power of fitness. We define fitness not by the vanity of a globo gym but through community support, movement quality, and the ability to regain or maintain a quality of life that being fit will allow. Merry looks great, moves well, and has built a team of supporters to hold her accountable to her goals.
“When I came to CrossFit Tantrum I had just completed my 6th half marathon.  I should have been in the best shape of my life but just the opposite was true.  From a functional movement perspective I was a complete disaster, I couldn’t do anything!  Had it been any other gym I would have left that 1st day completely defeated and discouraged but that is not what happened.  Something clicked and I left wanting to learn everything I could about Crossfit.  I credit that desire to the excellent staff at CrossFit Tantrum.  Chris Ellson has extreme patience, he could have looked at me and said “NO WAY” but he and Mandy have been a constant source of encouragement to me.  I am thrilled everyday with my progress but more than that I am thrilled with the community of CrossFit Tantrum who have become not only my workout partners but my friends.  The picture that accompanies this post is from this past years Gladiator Rock n Run, an obstacle course, that I did with several other members of CrossFit Tantrum.  We had a lot of fun, that’s what we do at CrossFit Tantrum, we have fun doing hard work!”
Left: Sara, Kelly, Stacey, Merry, Jess