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New Year, New Me. Get Engaged with the Right Program.

CrossFit, powerlifting, personal training, “functional fitness gym”, kettlebell classes, are all exercise related terms we hear every day; enough to make our heads spin.  It’s our own jobs to weed through the coal and find the diamond we all deserve, a program that works for us.

This year, roughly 45% of the public planned to set some type of resolution in which 66% of our resolutions were fitness or wellness related.  73% of those resolutions will be given up well before the goal is obtained.  That’s an outstanding statistic.  We applaud you, and now we’re here to collect!

Our last article, “the last thing you should read in 2015. 3 Tips to make your goals a reality”, touched base on how to set a goal, and what kind of help you need to achieve them. This article is going to touch on which gym or program to choose and how to stay ENGAGED!

Let’s circle back to that 66% of you who made a “let’s get fit” resolution.  If you spent any amount of 2015 in a Globo Gym, whether it be walking on the treadmill or sitting on one of those comfy bikes, but failed to make any progress, then it is time for a change!


Step 1:

Find a facility where the staff engages the members on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean walking past a personal trainer and saying, “Hi”.   You are looking for, for example: body fat testing, 30 day group nutrition challenges, clubs, outings, parties, personal testimonials, mud runs, 5k’s, charity events, actual training, are all great examples.  Make this the last year you walk through someone’s door and speak to no one.

Step 2:

Sign up for as much as possible!  Be a go getter!  Normally a gym is going to make an event that focuses on fitness. If you’re signing up for events, a few things may happen.  First, you might make a new friend that shares the same interests as you (which can help keep you accountable), second, you’ll be partaking in a non-gym fitness activity (what we call active rest) and lastly, you might even have fun.

The Program:

That fancy new gym that just moved into town has big bright lights, all the newest equipment, a new discount every day, and all the class you could ever think of!  WOAH, “Jack of all trades, master of none”! Looking for a new program? Ask them to explain their current program, and what kind of results they see from their members. If you’re planning on seeking expert advice the expert should be able to handle some simple questions. Technology is an amazing thing, don’t be afraid to find a mutual friend that has “Checked-in”, currently attends, or just some random guy who likes their page and ask them if they liked the gym. No harm no foul.

Good luck out there,

-Coach Chris-