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Kat’s Transformation….A Runner’s Journey

“Velocius est melius. I started Crossfit Tantrum in May 2015 after completing my first marathon. I wanted to add crossfit to my running routine as a means to get faster and to prevent injury. I remember my first foundations class where I could barely do 10 sit ups and the idea of lifting weights above my head seemed impossible. I started slowly only coming once or twice a week. I saw improvements in my run times compared to the marathon I ran at an 11:00 pace, I was down to below 10:00. I decided to get more dedicated to crossfit and was coming now 3 times a week. In less than a month I saw my times dropping more. But something else happened along the way. So many people have the idea in their head that they have to be perfect and the best at what they do. They are scared to try new stuff for fear of failure. Crossfit has taught me it is ok not to be the best, instead it is about challenging yourself and overcoming obstacles. The only person you have to compete against is yourself. Life has so many demands between work, school, and home that working out should be fun. Doing crossfit has allowed me to have the kind of fun that prepares me for the challenges I face daily. I no longer hold back because I cannot do something or I am too scared. Yes, I still have uncertainty but I know I have the ability to get through it.

Velocius est melius is Latin for “faster is better.” Back when I was training for the marathon I went through a period where I did not want to run anymore and I wanted to give up all together. I read this article about getting faster and how it was with the help of a group that an individual was able to improve. Back when I first read this I had no idea how to interpret this. Running with fast people will make me faster? Instead it means we improve with the encouragement and support of a group. At Crossfit Tantrum that is exactly what it is. Coaches and members encourage each other to push themselves to that next level, in or outside of the walls of the box.

I don’t really follow I diet routine. I used to follow the South Beach Diet by avoiding carbs and eating lean meats. Instead my diet has changed because my body has changed. I allow myself to eat what I want and what makes me feel good. I ultimately would like to become vegan or follow a raw foods diet. For now, that means I have been cutting out a lot of dairy, only eating red meat once a week, and instead filling up on fruits and vegetables. You will be amazed at how fast you stop craving something when you slowly take it out of your diet.

I am running the Pittsburgh Marathon again on May, 1. I get asked what my goal time is and honestly I am not going to tell. Instead I am going to have fun and trust my training because in that end that’s all we can really hope to do”