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Transformation Tuesday


CrossFit Tantrum is proud to have Bill Bompiani as this weeks transformation. Bill’s hard work is an inspiration to our community.

“I started with Crossfit Tantrum the week of April 20, 2015. I was at a beginning weight of 286 lbs and I was feeling run down and was looking for a chance to become “healthier.” My friend had just started at Tantrum a few weeks prior and asked if I would like to join him. I was a little intimidated to join a Crossfit facility because I had in my head that they were a bunch of insanely athletic muscle-heads. I was wrong-what I found was a community of trainers and trainees that worked to scale and match my abilities to provide an all-around workout to help me get stronger and more fit. By attending three days a week, eating a healthier (and gluten-free) diet, and the encouragement/teamwork of my friend, I have become leaner (currently at 265 lb), healthier feeling, and more energetic. It is nice to almost keep up with my four year old daughter now and not get winded running up a few flight of stairs. Thank you to the Crossfit Tantrum coaches for all of your training, advice, and encouragement.”

Thanks Bill!