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The Last Thing You Should Read in 2015. 3 Tips to Make Your Goals a Reality.

The Last Thing You Should Read in 2015. 3 Tips to Make Your Goals a Reality.

If your goals for 2015 didn’t go as planned, don’t have a repeat this year. Here are a few guidelines for 2016:

Don’t try to change your whole life because the year changed.

If you’re the kind of person that says, “I’m just going to wait until the New Year”, then listen up.  Just because the New Year rolled in it doesn’t mean you need to change EVERYTHING about your eating habits, gym routine, becoming a better person, husband / wife, employee or employer ETC.  Take a deep breath, it’s good to have big aspirations for the New Year but break them down into obtainable weekly goals. Being successful with whatever goal you have in mind in 2016, will require you to have a plan. Just saying, “I’m going to lost 60 pounds” isn’t enough, make a timeline. How long will it take? What’s my week 1 goal? Ok, drink 1 less Coke per week. Didn’t hit your goal last week? Then spend another week until you do!


Find a Coach.

Let someone in on your master plan. A coach will hold you accountable, not hold your hand. You have a boss, right? He/ she say’s when the goals need to be met; same thing goes for your personal goals. Do you want to start a business? Find a coach. Do you plan to lose 15 pounds? Find a coach.  Do you think you should eat healthier? Again, find a coach. You get the picture.  You’ve already designed your plan for 2016.  Now hand that plan to your coach so they can make sure your deadlines are met.


You need a partner in crime.

Finding a friend that has a similar life changing goals for the New Year is important. This might be your best friend or a recent acquaintance; regardless this journey will make you the best of buds. We don’t need an enabler, a complainer, an excuse maker, or someone toxic. Choose your sidekick wisely. You both have the ability to impact each other in a huge way. Send emails, and inspirational meme’s to keep the fire going. REMEMBER, your goals should be manageable and obtainable. Along the way, you will find you have achieved what we at CrossFit Tantrum refer to as PR’s (personal record) being set. #PRCITY


Let’s go get em’ kid!


-Coach Chris